December 2012

Where to buy. $13.00 each, but order 5 or more, they’re $10.50 each.

Interview with Ms. December.

Tom’s behind the scenes notes:

I really liked this costume.  Haley D. wore this to a previous cosplay meetup, and then again here in this photo during Sakura-Con.  The tricky thing about this shot was that the whole area was very crowded, it was swarming with other cosplayers and other photographers who were also taking cosplay photos.  So it was hard to find a cool place to take a photo that wasn’t already in use, and where there wouldn’t be other photo shoots going on in the background.  So I lined up this shot to hide that.  If you could see the areas just out of view to the left, right, and above the frame, and behind the various walls, there would be lots of people standing there.  I couldn’t completely eliminate everyone though, so there was one person standing in the distant background, who I removed from the scene in Photoshop.

I think Haley’s poses work very well, because she never seems like she is “trying hard to pose,” it always looks to me more like a candid moment.

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