October 2012

Where to buy. $13.00 each, but order 5 or more, they’re $10.50 each.

Tom’s behind the scenes notes:

This was the most complicated scene in the calendar, because it is three different photos put together in Photoshop.  I took a photo of each model separately against a white background, and combined them with  a third photo I took of the building.  In reality, Kori was not jumping, she was standing on a board, only a few inches off the ground.

All the lighting effects here were added later, mostly by painting them in by hand in Photoshop.  The photo of the building was taken during the day, so I changed it to look like night.  I took this approach because I didn’t think it would be possible to do something like this as a single real shot, but I wanted to try to create this type of scene.

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