August 2012

Where to buy. $13.00 each, but order 5 or more, they’re $10.50 each.

Tom’s behind the scenes notes:

This photo of Mike is unusual in two ways.  First, it is the only photo in the calendar that does not use any type of artificial lighting.  In this case the sunlight was coming from a great angle and I didn’t feel it even needed any fill flash.  The other interesting thing about it is that he didn’t originally intend to pose for a photo here.  I was with a group of cosplayers, as we were all walking back to our cars after taking some pictures in the park.  I happened to look over at Mike, and I saw that the light and the background looked really good right there, and it suited his costume very well, so I asked him to stay there for a minute while I took a few more photos.

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