April 2012

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Tom’s behind the scenes notes:

We did this photo indoors at the Seattle Convention Center, at Sakura-Con.  I had previously taken photos of Charly at Kumoricon, when she was cosplaying as Spain from Hetalia, and one of those photos was in the 2011 calendar.  This original character has a completely different look, and I like seeing the variety that a cosplayer can create.  Charly is a very good dancer, too.

(Charly, as Cassiopeia as Spain, is the brunette on the left [ed])

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  1. Editor says:

    Ah, the joys of multiple aliases and WOW, indeed. I would never have known that Charly in April 2012 and Cassiopeia in April 2011 were the same cosplayer. How strange she got the same month in both years. Hm.

    (Oh, it’s Ginger, by the way.)

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