Cosplay Interview with Haley D. (Ms. February 2012)

Thank you for being the February 2012 photo on the J LHLS Cosplay Calendar!

What’s the name of your character in the calendar?


What’s the source (manga/anime/whatnot) of this character?

The Vocaloid music video “Dark Woods Circus”

What inspired you to cosplay this character?

I had done Kaito from the same video and I really wanted to test myself to see if I could make Miku, too. I also wanted to have an excuse to make goat legs.

Could you tell us a little about how you made the costume?

The hooves are wedge sandals with wire mesh to shape them. Then I put paper mache over the mesh and car bondo over that. Then I sanded the bondo down and primed and painted them. The legs were leggings with foam spray-glued onto the fabric. then I sewed the fur around it. All the hair accessories were sewn to the wig. The top I found a pattern for and I free handed the flowers. The half-cage skirt is made from black boning. And the skirt was just a few panels sewn together. It took about an hour to do my make up and get the costume on. If I wear it again, I want to add a few things to it, like a better petticoat, some more lace, and the train.

What name(s) do you do cosplay under?

I cosplay under 9kitsune9 on deviantart. And I put “Joeii” on my convention badges for fun.

If this is an alias, what inspired it? If you use more than one alias, what inspired them?

I can’t remember what inspired 9kitsune9. It was a while ago haha. And I’m not quite sure how Joeii came about either, but one of my cosplay friends calls me that.

What is your favorite character to cosplay? Or these characters if more than one?

I really liked cosplaying Kiki. It was fun carrying the broom around. Another one I liked was Kida from Durarara!! A few people thought I was really a guy! I also got to spout out pick-up lines all day. It was really fun.

What’s the source (manga/anime/whatnot) of this character? Or these characters if more than one?

Kida is from Durarara!!

What inspired you to cosplay this character? Or these characters if more than one?

I really liked his character. It made me laugh a lot!

What character or characters has been most challenging to cosplay? And why?

DWC Miku so far has been the most challenging. The hooves and legs were hard. I was actually finishing them up the night before the convention.

Could you tell us a little about how you make your costumes?

I usually plan everything out before I start buying supplies. I keep the plans in a notebook. The planning gets down to percentages so I can see how far along I am. Then I look for possible patterns to make the stuff out of. Some of it is modified from stuff at Value Village or Goodwill. I always spend a few days looking on eBay and Taobao for wigs. I always use as many coupons as I can to get my supplies.

How long have you been doing cosplay?

I’ve been cosplaying since 2008.

How did you get interested in it?

My friend told me that her cousin was taking her to this “convention where people dress up as their favorite anime or manga characters”. And she invited me along. I made my first costume in a week and went to the con for a day. I had so much fun and saw some amazing costumes there. I decided that I had to get better.

I had already been sewing for a year or so. As a little kid I watched my mom make my Halloween costumes. When I was old enough she taught me how to use a sewing machine. I got my own in 6th grade, but I didn’t really start sewing until 7th.

Are you in any cosplay groups or clubs?

I started a group with my friend, but we haven’t done anything as a group. It’s more for fun haha.

What conventions do you go to?

The two bigger ones I go to are Kumoricon and Sakuracon. I’ve also gone to MEWcon and Wonder NW. I really really want to go to AX. I’m going to try my hardest to save for next year.

What’s attractive to you about these conventions?

Kumoricon is the first con I ever went to. Sakuracon is somewhat close and a lot bigger than Kumoricon. I love seeing all the wonderful costumes there. MEW con was a really tiny con. I went for two years, but I don’t know if it’s coming back this year. Wonder NW just started, and I love it because all my bros are there. I can’t wait to see this one grow.

Do you have a cosplay story — happy story, horror story, uplifting, artistic story — you can share with our readers?

Last Sakuracon, I was cosplaying as Kida, and a Sailor moon cosplayer and her friends came up to me. She asked for a picture. And her friends asked if I would hug her cause she was shy. So I did. before she left I said a pick up line and handed her a rose. She was so happy she started tearing up and hugged me again before she walked off. Later her friends saw me again and told me that I made her day.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into the cosplay scene?

Don’t be afraid to make friends. They can really help you later on. Some of my best friends I met through cosplay. They give me tips all the time on how to do something.
Another one is to start off small if you are new to sewing. Don’t try to make a super fancy dress first time. Start with something simpler.

And pick characters that you like or you like “being”. My first cosplay was of someone i didn’t like that much from an anime that I didn’t like that much. So when people started talking to me about that anime/character, all I could do was nod and smile blankly.

Are there any links you’d like to share with our readers?

Visit my deviantart!

Thank you, Haley D.

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