December 2011

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Tom’s behind the scenes notes:

This is Fuyuko cosplaying as chibi Canada from Hetalia: Axis Powers.  The photo is taken in the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland.  The character is supposed to be very young, so Fuyuko stayed in character and acted very childlike and innocent during the shoot.  It was pretty convincing, so after a while I started to feel like I was actually taking photos of a child.

This is another one of the earlier photo shoots that I did during Kumoricon that weekend.  I think it was the second one.  It can be kind of mentally tiring to take hundreds of photos over the course of many hours, so it really helps when things go especially well at the beginning.  In this case, Fuyuko was very sweet and easy to work with, so that made me feel really positive about the rest of the day.

You can see more photos from this set on Flickr.

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