September 2011

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Tom’s behind the scenes notes:

This is Haley at the fountain in Director Park.  At this time of day, the sun was reflecting off a building across the street, and then that light was reflecting again off the water, so it was a double reflection.  I realized that if I positioned the camera in just the right way it would create this halo of light around her.  It almost looks like a special effect added later, but it is real, and I liked that.

At this location there are a lot of distracting things in the background, so I came in close to make the water the only background in the photo.   I wanted to emphasize the color combination of the blue hair against the golden light on the water.

Sahara, who also appears in this calendar, was here helping with the lighting and making suggestions for poses and other creative ideas.   Most of the time we did just a few shots of each concept and then moved on to something else, so this particular shoot seemed to go by very quickly in a whirlwind of activity.

More photos of Haley and Sahara as Vocaloids, on Flickr.

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