Cosplay Interview with Victoria Scerri (Ms. March 2011)

Thank you for being the March 2011 photo on the J LHLS Cosplay Calendar!

What’s the name of your character in the calendar?

Big Sister

What’s the source (manga/anime/whatnot) of this character?

A video game called, “BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams”

What inspired you to cosplay this character?

I had just got into the BioShock game series this year, and once I finished the first game, I HAD to play the second as soon as possible! When coming up against the nemesis ‘Big Sister’, I was not only terrified (being that I was low on ammo, health, and EVE), but completely in awe. I immediately went online and researched to see if others had fell under the spell of ‘Big Sister’ and went to work plotting my next cosplay.

Could you tell us a little about how you made the costume?

Needless to say, Big Sister was also a bit of a big pain in my side. I looked for help from family (my father, Laurence Scerri, and my uncle, Anthony Scerri), as well as a couple friends of mine (Matt Huntley and Julia Valentine). Matt helped with the construction of the helmet, including the LED works as well as a mini fan that was placed in for ventilation. He also allowed me to use his back yard as a work space, and helped with many, MANY other parts to the costume. Such as how to have the tank stay on my back comfortably, helping shape the sintra for my back/chest piece, ect.

Julia free-handed templates for each cloth part of my costume (excluding the gloves and white body suit) and sewed everything up, including each and every belt! My father helped me step by step in creating each arm gauntlet, the leg braces, the tank, and was supporting me the whole way. Finally, my uncle helped me figure out and provided material for the cage to my tank. Without this team of people, I could have never had the costume featured in the calendar. Each one of them is amazing and dear to me, and I could NEVER thank them enough!

What name(s) do you do cosplay under?

Around conventions, I usually use the name ‘Nightmare Vixen’ when not using my own actual name. Otherwise around forums and websites I frequently use ‘TalkNerdToMeBaby’ or ‘TalkNerd2MeBaby’.

If this is an alias, what inspired it? If you use more than one alias, what inspired them?

‘TalkNerdToMeBaby’/’TalkNerd2MeBaby’ was pretty much a joke. I’m a huge Gamer Geek and Comic Nerd, which usually comes through in my humor. This name merely spawned from an inside joke among some friends and myself.

‘Nightmare Vixen’ originated from a roleplaying site I was on for a few years, which leaked onto my gamertag for XBox Live. Since I was used to people calling me by the name, or shortening it in some fashion, I figured it would work out well to use as a cosplay alias.

How long have you been doing cosplay?

This is a hard question to pin point. I mean, technically I’ve got pictures of me being Princess Jasmine at her wedding to Aladdin from back when I was 3 or 4, but I didn’t start going to conventions until early April of this year. So, pick your poison.

How did you get interested in it?

I’m a theater kid, and any theater kid will tell you that even if we don’t have a reason to dress up, we’ll still dress up. Costume and make-up are like drugs to us. It’s completely addictive to get up and wander around as someone else, or to just stand out in a crowd.

Are you in any cosplay groups or clubs?

At the moment, I am not. I would love to be in one, and am currently talking to a cosplay group leader, but haven’t signed away to any group just yet.

What conventions do you go to?

I’ve only been to Sakuracon and Kumoricon. Hopefully, I’ll aslo be able to attend Akicon this year! But, for sure, the first two mentioned will be ones I hit up repeatedly.

What’s attractive to you about these conventions?

Making friends and memories, to be completely corny, not to mention dressing up. There’s a strange feeling of comfort when going to a convention as well. I think it’s because you know that everyone around you all has a similar connection. I mean, why else would you be there?

Do you have a cosplay story — happy story, horror story, uplifting, artistic story — you can share with our readers?

When walking around with Thomas Good, the photographer for the calendar, I was stopped by this family. They asked me to take a picture with their very young son. He couldn’t have been more than 4. I just thought it was the strangest thing that this mother and father, who clearly had no idea who or what Big Sister was, asked if they could have a picture with me holding an ADAM needle to their son. Well, you know what they say… Keep Portland weird.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into the cosplay scene?

Do it. You won’t regret it. Even if you think your cosplay isn’t that great, just go! Get a group of friends and have some fun. Don’t afraid to just jump into an event or run up to someone and start talking. We’ve all had to start somewhere, and take this from a convention noob. You’ll get hooked. Trust me.

Are there any links you’d like to share with our readers?

My Deviant Art:

Thank you.

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