April 2011

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Tom’s behind the scenes notes:

This was a quick and simple shot, but I really like how it turned out.  The characters here are Spain and France from Hetalia: Axis Powers.

I had seen this wall a few weeks earlier and thought it would make a good background for some kind of anime cosplay photo.  “Make Wow” looked to me like something that you might see in a manga or anime, kind of like it was possibly an awkward translation from some Japanese phrase.  And Hetalia is a funny anime that can be very playful like this, so I thought it fit for these characters.

I didn’t know that Cassiopeia was going to do the “WOW” thing with her hands, she just did that spontaneously while I was taking the picture.  In fact, I didn’t even notice it until I looked at the photo later, and then I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Update September 25, 2011: Cassiopia in 2011 is Charly in 2012:

MAKE WOW! Indeed.

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