March 2011

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Interview with Ms. March

Tom’s behind the scenes notes:

This is Victoria dressed as Big Sister from the video game Bioshock 2.  This costume drew so much attention that for a while it was hard to take photos because so many people were crowding around to look at it and get their picture taken with it.  The costume was very hard to see out of, and hard to walk in.  Walking up or down stairs was hazardous, so we had to plan to avoid them.

A costume like this that completely covers the person does make the photo easier in one specific way: it completely eliminates the issue of whether the skin tones look good.  On the other hand, the costume has a lot of interesting features on it and it is tricky to get as many of them as possible into the picture.  So this photo looks kind of spontaneous, as if I said “oooh, look at that – click!”  But in reality it was very carefully planned.  I wanted to make sure her body was turned so that the pink ribbon on the back of the costume was visible, for example.  And I wanted all the details on her left arm to show up.  So the positioning was very deliberate.

I hadn’t originally planned to use this wall.  We came over here to use another wall nearby as a background.  But when I saw how the light was hitting this wall, with the soft shadows, I wanted to use it.  The green color is great because it is a color that is not in the costume, but also doesn’t clash with any of the colors in the costume.   Ten minutes earlier the shadows weren’t there, and ten minutes later there was some construction equipment parked in the way, so this was a case of taking advantage of the moment.

I like the aspect where there are shadows on the wall being cast by things that are not seen in the picture.  It conveys the idea that there is more going on outside the boundaries of the frame.

JD Luis assisted on this photo shoot, both by helping out with lighting and by providing creative input.  I enjoyed having him there and hearing his ideas.  Laura Miller was also there dressed as the Little Sister.  She does not appear in this shot but she is in some of the other shots in the Big Sister costume photo set.

One thing this shot doesn’t show is that the costume has LED lights in it that glow, and it looks really cool at night.

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