January 2011

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Interview with Ms. January

Tom’s behind the scenes notes:

This is the first month in the calendar, but it came from the last photo shoot I did that weekend.  Most of the other shoots were 30 minutes, including time spent walking to and from locations, so things had to come together very quickly.  But because this was the last one and I had nothing scheduled afterwards, it could go longer and we could take our time a little more.

The model is “moiramctaggart,” playing the character Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist.  We talked about the nature of the character, and how to capture that character in photos.  The model has a great smile, but the character isn’t a happy grinning type, so we wanted to go for a more thoughtful look.

The location is outside a church in downtown Portland.  I liked the look and textures of this door, wall, and lamp, so I chose an angle where they could all be included in the shot.  The background looks like something that could possibly be seen in the anime.

The model’s beautiful “glowy” pale skin looks very bright to the camera.  This is a nice quality to have, but in some shots it confused me, because the results didn’t seem to match the camera settings in the way I expected.  This particular shot, though, was pretty easy to do.  We just did a couple of variations of this before moving on to other locations.

I’m looking forward to seeing what costumes she will create for future conventions.

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  1. Editor says:

    I thought this model really captured Lust’s conflict, sadness and drop dead gorgeousness.

    Ginger Mayerson
    aka Editor

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